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Bright Star
Bright Star

Bright Star began as a battery manufacturer in 1909 and has since become a worldwide leader in high-performance lighting products. The creator of the world’s first safety-approved flashlight, the company manufactures its products in the U.S.A. and is ISO9001-certified. Bright Star Lighting Products produces technologically advanced lighting products for a variety of markets including fire, industrial safety / MRO, petrochemical, shipping, utilities and transit.

Over the decades Bright Star has remained on the leading edge of technology development for lighting products used in hazardous locations. Our plastic resins are custom blended for enhanced durability and safety levels; our patented optics create custom beam patterns, and our patent pending power control facilitates safe charge and discharge for Lithium-Ion batteries.

Bright Star products are designed and manufactured in the US and have attained the highest global safety ratings including ISO-9001 registration. The Bright Star product line consists of Intrinsically Safe hand held lighting for use in extreme environments and is sold through our global distributor network. If durability and safety are a requirement, then Bright Star is the right choice.


Bright Star LED Lighthawk Intrinsically Safe Torches

The Lighthawk Lantern was the first lantern developed with Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Technology, bringing the most reliable battery technology to the flashlight market. Long run times, fast recharge ti ... More>>

LED Lighthawk Intrinsically Safe Torches $1.00
Bright Star Lighthawk Vision 600

The Lighthawk Vision 600 offers a powerful 600 Lumens with a flood beam and articulating head to light up a large field of vision in a work area. So powerful you can use it as an area light. Finally a long ru ... More>>

Lighthawk Vision 600 $1.00
Bright Star Razor LED Intrinsically Safe Torches

The Razor was designed for the most demanding needs in mind. It is constructed from a durable polypropylene that can withstand the most abusive environments. The Razor has an ergonomically designed push button switch for easy accessibility and tactical knurled design for maximum grip and comfort ... More>>

Razor LED Intrinsically Safe Torches $1.00
Bright Star Right Angle Responder

The Right Angle LED offers optimal brightness, safety, and weight.  The alkaline model can be used as a rechargeable with the addition of a lithium ion battery pack, charging base and cord.The low p ... More>>

Right Angle Responder $1.00
Bright Star Right Angle Responder Rechargable

First of its kind, a Right Angle LED Rechargeable with a Lithium Ion Battery. Extremely ligtweight with a powerful outp ... More>>

Right Angle Responder Rechargable $1.00
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