About TK Distributors


Who are we?

TK Distributors is an Australian owned and operated company that has serviced the Australasian market for almost two decades.

We carry electrical equipment for the harshest of environments, able to withstand extreme operating conditions such as high temperature, radiation, moisture, corrosive atmospheres, high crush and impact areas and flammable locations for the Resources, Transport and Defence Industries.  


Why do we exist?

In the Resources, Transport and Defence sectors, unplanned downtime is disastrous. When something doesn’t go according to plan, the immediate effects can be incredibly problematic. 

Resolving this downtime is why we exist. 

The products we provide come directly from the manufacturer, resulting in machinery reliability which lessons downtime.


Why do we exist?

We take the guesswork out of keeping critical projects on track.

Replacing a genuine part should be the easiest thing in the world. But with so many middlemen 
and inferior quality parts out there it’s a minefield. We only supply Genuine Parts direct from the manufacturers.

Furthermore, our deep product knowledge means we don’t just know what something is capable of, but exactly where it came from, who made it, and how it was made. We work directly with manufacturers to develop products that suit the speci¿c needs of our customers. 


Who do we do it for?

Australia runs on the projects that we support. It’s tough, demanding work and small errors turn very rapidly into major problems. That’s why our obsession with quality and ability to deliver under pressure sets us apart. 
We develop proper working relationships with customers to keep them from ever getting into trouble. The best way to minimise the impact of downtime is to avoid it altogether. 

TK Distributors is an Australian owned and operated company which specialises in electrical products for the mining, oil, marine, and transport industries. We pride ourselves on our problem solving abilities within industry and work with our clients to ensure that they are 100% happy with our product and service. This increases your machinery reliability and lessens your downtime by using only genuine products, direct from the manufacturer.




Starting in 2016, TK Distributors have built a working relationship with The Mai-Wel Group. The Mai-Wel Group is a progressive and vibrant organisation serving people in the Hunter since 1960. Commencing as a service for people with a disability it has more recently developed and embraced the needs of the wider community.

Mai-Wel provides support for individuals who, with relevant assistance, are able to achieve their identified life goals. Mai-Wel is committed to providing the highest quality services to each individual, delivering variety with enthusiasn to make each day a step forward achieving their life goals and dreams.