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COMPACT CORD REELS are available with incandescent or flourescent hand lamps, single or triplex receptacles and other configurations. Heavy gauge steel housing with white polyester baked-on finish, hardware for ceiling or wall mounting (swinging), positive ratchet lock and cord stop, designed for indoor use. 26 inch (660mm) pigtail, included. Plugs into standard outlet.

COMMERCIAL CORD REELS are light weight, durable construction made with non-metallic housing. Comes with 40 ft. of 12/3 cable with a Triple Tap Oulet with supplemental over current protection. The removable bracket allows reel to be dis-engaged from mount for maximum flexibility.

INDUSTRIAL CORD REELS with fluorescent or incandescent lamp, dual outlet box or single outlet. Also available with bare cord so you can install your own lamp or outlet. Ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications mounted from wall, ceiling or under workbench. Cord lengths from 25' to 70'. All reels include spring rewind and ratchet lock. Operator simply pulls cord off spool. Ratchet lock maintains desired cable length and, when task is completed, a slight pull releases the ratchet allowing the spring motor to rewind the cord. Reels feature heavy steel frame with baked-on polyester finish.

HUBBELL Cat5e CORD REELS are equipped with special gold-on-gold Slip Rings which provides ethernet communications with very low electrical noise for unparalleled performance. They are 1000BaseT 'plug and play' ethernet connections. These reels are a great solution for schools, universities and mobile computer terminals.


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